Osho Zen Tarot Experiences

Thanks so much for the osho reading. It was very insightful and there was a lot for me to think over afterwards...I guess, the tarot really does speak through you.....while, I am not entirely surprised by what the reading said, there were a few issues that I needed to focus on...Like you say, resolving these can really help me make progress as a person.

Your osho zen tarot free reading has really helped me solve some problems in my life. Thanks to your advice, I have learned to be more assertive and focussed about what I want .....I have finally got the job promotion I really wanted. Thanks for the help.

A few things really stand out about the osho zen tarot readings; they are very profound, balanced and very down to earth. Your advice, while firm at times, never had any negative tones to it and was both, affectionate and refreshing. You have the most remarkable ability to trigger just the right response, and help me to break away from my old patterns of thought.

Your reading was truly an amazing experience for me….and was very, very accurate about certain things.....and I must admit that you were right about my issues with control. I’ve always liked to be sure of things in my life, but perhaps that has made me much too rigid. Learning to express myself more freely has really helping me open out a lot more, and to be more natural...this must have been the best osho reading I’ve had.

I love my wife very dearly, but over the past few years, we have tended to drift apart to the point where we barely communicate. I thank you for the osho zen tarot free reading, which has really help rejuvenate our relationship. We have both realised, that we still love each other a lot and are meant to be, and that our relationship is something worth celebrating.

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I thank you for your osho reading for helping me overcome situations in my professional life. I was unhappy due what I felt was a lack of respect from my colleagues, but you helped me understand the real reasons behind my strained relations, and I have been able to make suitable changes.

I was really quite confused when I passed out of college as I had no real idea regarding my real talents or what kind of career would suit me best. Thanks to the osho zen tarot readings I am finally able to understand so much more about my true nature; and I am very happy in my new job since I feel I can actually make a difference with my life.

Due to a failed relationship, I had been experiencing great unhappiness for quite some time….I really wasn’t quite sure of my own existence and wondered if I could ever make a difference in my life. The osho reading really made a big difference to me and made me realize the importance of my own existence in this universe…I really felt like I mattered….Thanks for this.

I was very impressed with your fantastic osho zen tarot readings. I have been a student of the Tarot for the past 5 years, and I must say that your analysis has been most remarkable.  Your knowledge of the tarot is very impressive. Certain aspects of it were very revealing and I am delighted to offer you my best wishes.

I was not sure about depending on the tarot something as important as life advice…. but now I am relieved that I took the chance. Your osho reading was a real eye opener for me and I was able to learn so much more than I ever expected. Most importantly, I have a better understanding of myself and how to make the most of what ability I have.

I thought I would try the Osho zen tarot free reading just to get a different perspective from someone, but now I am totally shocked at the results. The accuracy of your readings can be quite daunting at times and I feel like you must know me inside out. Anyway, I am glad that you could help me overcome my problems. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.
After my last 3 relationships ended in failure, I decided to turn to the osho zen tarot readings, for relationship advice. The readings were very insightful and just had so much to offer. When I took some time to analyze everything you said, I was able to see things in a better light…I understand now that I should also be more accepting of who people are, rather than turning them into who I want them to be…Thanks for showing the way…

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Due to the low marks in my final semester in college, my career prospects seemed badly dented at the time.  But, during the course of an osho reading, I realised that life had given me a second chance...I found my true calling in a completely unrelated field. I believe that your readings have helped me find a part of me that I never even knew existed...This has been both empowering and an exciting discovery for me.

Thanks for the best osho reading....ever! I am amazed by the wisdom and clarity of your vision.....it has helped  me understand so many things about myself.......like why I believe that I have never felt Love before in my life....I just think that I have found the most incredible person in my life ....and I don’t want to lose her. Your advice has really helped me find the way to sustain this relationship.

Your osho readings are fantastic and I am genuinely surprised at the accuracy of your predictions and am very thankful to have you as a guide during this period of transition in my life. You have helped me achieve a greater definition and happiness in my life.

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